The art of beef

We tasted the best beef in the world in 1996 – we travelled to Uruguay and Argentina to find it and we became the exclusive Czech importer, also importing wines from traditional family wineries from the regions of Rio Negro, Mendoza, San Rafael and Progresso alongside the matured supreme-quality beef.

We wanted to share our passion, which is why we started the BEEF BAR – a place where selected delicacies spanning several continents meet: South American specialities from the finest quality beef and empanadas are accompanied by New York pastrami together with legendary Czech draught Matuška beer. Wine lovers will definitely be pleased by our personal selection of Uruguayan and Argentine wines with their unmistakable taste.
In a space where there used to be the old Royal road from Vyšehrad, the historical components blend with a modern industrial style.
Come and join us on a culinary journey which offers an unusual experience to all your senses. Besides the outstanding gastronomy, you’ll appreciate the pleasant environment of the carefully reconstructed interior, where the selected combination of tastes, aromas and unique atmosphere will soon cast their spell.
Meat, wine and you can also buy most of the ingredients and prepare the fantastic first-quality meals at home. We’ll gladly help you with your choice.
BEEF BAR – Come and fall in love…