Steaks, pastrami, roast beef...

We are the exclusive importer of Uruguayan beef meat to the Czech Republic!

We have meat on offer that cannot be found anywhere else!

Try our grass fed beef of superior quality for gourmets!

To fall in love with South American beef is so easy. It won’t cost you much to surrender to its delicious-smelling tender taste… one taste is all it takes! In BEEF BAR, we’ll show you not only how to taste it and how to fall in love with it forever, but we also prepare all the ingredients for you to take home to prepare the excellent specialities from Argentina and Uruguay in the comfort of your own home.

At the beginning, there was a coincidence which developed into a passion and a rewarding job; we’ve become the exclusive importer of Uruguayan beef to the Czech Republic. But it wasn’t an easy start…

“Twenty years ago, our German partners offered us Uruguayan meat and that was the beginning; not only of our enterprise but also of our greatest passion. The Uruguayan meat was fantastic and so we started to look for ways to import it into the Czech Republic directly and without a wholesaler so that we could control its quality. First, things looked hopeless, but we finally succeeded in making closer contacts with Uruguayan meat producers thanks to the Uruguayan Ambassador in Prague and that was when we knew we’d done it,” says Petr Lávička..

Beef from South America (Argentina, Uruguay)

We’ve been working with the producers in Uruguay since 2000, with a specialized partner providing us with the highest quality meat. Our partner knows the local rules and customs perfectly. An indisputable advantage of this collaboration is the fact that we have meat on offer that  can’t be found anywhere else, whether you like preparing meat on a grill (e. g. rib-eye), roasting it slowly at low temperatures (e.g. roast beef) or using the souis vide steak method (roasting in a vacuum over a longer time). You can also find less traditional but still very interesting kinds of meat in our bistro.

Breeding method – natural growth in an unpolluted environment

The secret of its unique taste lies in a different way of breeding and the consistency of the feed. Unlike Europe, where the cattle is usually bred in sheds, in Uruguay, huge herds of mostly Aberdeen-Angus, Shorthorn and Hereford meat breeds graze freely on the vast pampas. The cattle themselves choose the optimal composition of the feed from the rich vegetation. This way of feeding cattle (butchered at the age of 30-36 months) is called grass feed and gives the meat a distinctive, full and typical taste, which cannot be found in meat from any other corner of the world. Its strength and uniqueness of taste grows proportionally to the natural development of the animal in a climatically favourable environment, clear of the products of civilization, on the edge of a mild and subtropical zone. This type of meat is the most sought after by gourmets.
The other way of feeding meat breeds is based on “grain feed”, which means simply feeding them grain. It is used a lot in other countries of the world, especially in Europe and the U.S.A. Cattle bred like this are fed only by grain for several months before butchering (usually at the age of 24 months). The meat of animals bred in such way can be slightly crispier and the taste is not so strong. Finally, unlike the intensive breeding of cattle herds in Europe, South American bulls intended for fattening are castrated. South American beef comes solely from steers.


Meat production

We have a specialized partner directly in Uruguay who is familiar with local conditions, customs and rules. They provide us with the best of the finest-quality meat, kinds of meat that definitely can’t be found anywhere else; not so traditional but still very attractive. You’ll see for yourselves.


Meat ageing

Meet ageing is crucial for complex biochemical enzyme processes to help release the structure of the muscles. This loosens the bonds between single fibres and so the meat becomes so tender when you take a bite. During the slaughter process, the meat is vacuum-packed under strict sanitary conditions and aged at a temperature of around 0°C. Fresh beef only aged for 3 to 5 days old is too tough. Normal culinary food preparation does not provide the meat with tenderness and the ageing process is absolutely essential is for its final taste. Meat ages throughout the whole expiration (it is the tastiest and tenderest after four months of being packed, which means at the end of its expiration). The minimal ageing period is one month, which represents the time of its transportation from Uruguay to Europe.