Pastrami The Legend from New York

Marinated, smoked, boiled or steamed beef briskets. Extremely tender, cut into thin slices. Travel back in time to New York in the 1850s…..

Three preparation phases with no rush! Marinating, smoking over hard wood, boiling or steaming. Cult pastrami sandwiches with sauerkraut, gherkins, mustard, Coleslaw salad and beans in tomato sauce sold here!

Authentic pastrami, in the way it has been prepared in New York since the 1850s, requires a special way of preparing the meat. None of the phases can be rushed and believe us, the result is really worth it!

The beef briskets are first marinated in a mixture of spices and herbs and smoked over hard wood. The last phase of the preparation is based on a thermal treatment – the meat is boiled or steamed. These three phases guarantee that a delicacy is created – extremely tender and fine smoked meat, which is cut into thin slices, whose taste is complimented by sauerkraut, gherkins and mustard in a sandwich.
Pastrami in New York became famous thanks to the Jewish communities from Bessarabia and Romania where it was served in street bistros from the 1850s. The origins of the meal goes back deep into history. It is reported that the origin of the word pastrami comes from the Romanian word “pastra” which means preserve.