Month: August 2016


When did it start? That is the question … let’s see how the crossroads, as the Na Perštýně street is historically called, crossed Petr Lávička’s path, how things started, how they got beefed up and how our lovely BEEF BAR came to be..

Here is how Google would sum it all up using some key words… Petr Lávička, Na Perštýně, Pastrami, Uruguayan beef and wine and Matuška beer. Let’s give it a go …….


In the 1500s the street was called Na Perštejně, refering to the name of a local house owner – Jiřík Kasík of Perštejn. In the 1800s the name turned into Na Perštýně, as we know it today. In the mid-1800s, the street was made famous by the Union Café attended by important personalities including the likes of Alois Jirásek, Mikoláš Aleš, Antonín Dvořák or Josef Václav Sládek. Looking overseas to the late 1800s United States, we see pastrami – a delicacy brought to the United States by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, specifically from Romania. It was mainly New York that pastrami beef became popular kosher food. Another vital part of our story is the year of 1828, when Urugay was born as an independent state. There are no historical resources about Mr. Lávička and Matuška beer in that period.

The street’s 1900s history is not mapped in detail, only the witnesses could tell how it unfolded. Back in the US, pastrami gains popularity and gradually it is spread internationally. Meanwhile, Uruguay is mired in political and economic problems. The Czech Republic, however, sees several major events… there are first mentions of Mr. Lávička and the beginning of his lifetime marriage with beef and wine. As he puts it himself::

“In the late 1990s our German partners offered us some Uruguayan meat to buy and that was how it all began. Business and a great love at the same time. Uruguayan beef was excellent and so we started looking for ways to import it to the Czech Republic cutting the middleman and maintaing complete control over its quality. Initially, things looked pretty hopeless, but eventually the Uruguayan ambassador in Prague helped to establish closer contacts with the Uruguayan meat processors and we broke through.“

That it was a business victory as well as a lifetime love was testified by the opening of the BEEF BAR in June 2016.

In addition to our beef, we also take great pride in our beer. Matuška brewery was established in 2009 and we are excited to offer their produce at our bar.  Na Perštýně street is a vibrant hub in the center of Prague where gourmets from all over the city gather attracted by the sumptuous flavours of Uruguayan beef and Mr. Lávička’s wine. Simply, BEEF BAR is a big dream come true and a delight for all its visitors.

What Jiřík Kasík of Perštejn or Antonín Dvořák would have to say about it we can only guess. It is up to you guys to help us write the BEEF BAR story.

To be continued…


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