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We are introducing our new lunch specials.
They are served between 11:30AM and 3PM.
Drop in for a light summer lunch..

Drop in for a light summer lunch.



Would you like to come and dine in our restaurant?
Would you like to see the interior?
Or would you like to choose a table?
Without leaving your computer?



On Wednesday, June 22, we held an opening party at BEEF BAR where the visitors gathered to taste South American specialties made with Uruguayan beef and Argentine wines. More than 80 guests, including our closest friends, enjoyed excellent wines as well as the BEEF BAR menu items including pastrami, steaks, empanadas, chorizo sausages or steak tartare . Thank you all for visiting and we look forward to welcoming you at BEEF BAR!




We opened “your” BEEF BAR Na Perštýně on 1st June.
Yes, your BEEF BAR, which we’ve prepared with special care to provide you with a unique place where selected delicacies from several continents meet. You can look forward to South-American specialities from the finest beef and empanadas which are accompanied by New York pastrami together with the legendary Czech draught beer Matuška. Wine lovers will definitely be pleased by our personal selection of Uruguayan and Argentine wines with their unmistakable taste.
BEEF BAR is a place and a base where you can come to enjoy your lunch, have a rest after a difficult day, have fun at a family party, hold a company event or come with friends or even meet your business partner.
BEEF BAR is simply a place that we’ve prepared with all our hearts and love and is part of one personal story, in which we’re entering another life chapter and we believe that you’re going to help us write it.
We’ve been here for you since 1st June – come and fall in love.