Pastrami – the beggining.

We were blown away by pastrami instantly. And we knew right away that you would fall in love with this beef delicacy as well. Just like the residents of New York and other cities around the world. Pastrami was made famous in the New York by the Jewish community of Bessarabia and Romania offering it in street bistros as early as in the mid-1800s. And now you can enjoy excellently prepared pastrami at BEEF BAR.

Pastrami – how is it made?

Pastrami requires special preparation of the meat. None of the stages can be rushed but the results are absolutely worth it.
Brisket is first marinated in a mixture of spices and herbs. Then it is smoked on hardwood. The third stage is cooking – the meat is boiled or steamed. At the end you get a delicacy – very tender and tasty smoked meat that is thinly sliced and usually served in a sandwich with sauerkraut, pickles and mustard.

Pastrami – delicacy you are bound to love

You have tasted many delicacies in your life? Trust us, pastrami will be another one. It is a delight, a culinary piece of art and delicious food in one, greatly suited to be served at lunch or dinner. With the Argentine wines it creates a blend of flavors that is next to impossible to resist.